Must-Have Tools For DIY Home Repair Projects

Nowadays, an increasing trend among homeowners seems to be that trying out DIY home repair projects. Of course, for the more challenging jobs, you should lookup handyman services near me in sioux falls, sd. That said, DIY projects from time to time are quite beneficial.

However, starting any project, you need the appropriate toolbox. So, read on to know which tools are essential for DIY repairs.

Screw Driver

If you’ll be needing a few screws for your project, a screwdriver is a must. They allow for a lot of control, so you’re less likely to over-torque and tear out the screw heads.

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A real handyman will tell you that a tool belt is merely incomplete without a hammer. Bear in mind, though, that there are several varieties of hammers. Each type suits a different application.

Thereofre, if you intend to use a hammer on a completed product, choose one with a smooth face. That way, you will avoid marking up the surface with undesirable dents and dings.

If you want to know if a hammer is right for you, hold it to feel the grip and weight.


One of the most versatile tools in a toolbox is the wrench. Monkey, pipe, spud, socket, torque, honestly, it can deal with near everything! It is best to arrange your tools systematically, so you don’t reach for the wrong one as you work.

Measuring Tape

You will most certainly need a tape measure regardless of the project you choose. Also, if you’re a novice, a 25ft tape measure will more than suffice. Remember that you don’t necessarily need an extravagant tape. Even a simple one will work just fine for your projects.

Make The Right Choice

A warrior wouldn’t go into battle without his weapons. Similarly, if you’re looking to take on the challenge of DIY, you can’t do it without your tools. So, before starting your project, make sure these tools are in your box. Also, consider throwing a drill driver, a palm sander, and a circular saw for good measure.